New Exhibit Featuring the Alternative Baseball Organization, Inc.

April is Autism Awareness Month and the Hall of Fame is currently displaying a featured exhibit on the Alternative Baseball Organization.

The ABO is an organization founded by 21-year-old Taylor Duncan from Dallas, Georgia. Duncan was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) when he was four-years-old, as a child he struggled to find a baseball team who would over look his ASD and allow him to play the sport he loved. He often found himself benched or without a team due to coaches being afraid of Duncan injuring himself while playing. Taylor didn’t let that stop him from playing his favorite sport, he was determined to find a way to learn everything he could about baseball. His determination is what led him to create the Alternative Baseball Organization, Inc., a league where people with special needs, and those diagnosed with ASD, could come together and enjoy America’s favorite pastime.

The league provides a way for players to learn the skills of baseball in an encouraging and supportive environment by adapting their pitching styles and equipment to fit the ability of each player. The ABO had its first scored 9-inning All-Star game in 2016 which featured both past and present MLB players and members of the ABO league. The ABO exhibit features a complete history on Taylor Duncan and the organization, items used by the league, and the 2016 ABO All-Star trophy. Come grab some information on the ABO and learn about how Taylor Duncan and his organization “turn disabilities into abilities!”